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    world edit komutları (ingilizce)

    ALın size kodlar (bir teşekkürü çok görmeyin)
    /biomelist worldedit.biome.list /biomelist
    /biomels Gets all biomes available.
    /biomeinfo worldedit.biome.info /biomeinfo pt Get the biome of the targeted block.
    //setbiome worldedit.biome.set //setbiome p Sets the biome of the player's current block or region.
    /chunkinfo worldedit.chunkinfo /chunkinfo Get information about the chunk that you are inside
    /listchunks worldedit.listchunks /listchunks List chunks that your selection includes
    /delchunks worldedit.delchunks /delchunks Delete chunks that your selection includes
    /clearclipboard worldedit.clipboard.clear /clearclipboard Clear your clipboard
    //schematic //schematic
    //schem Schematic-related commands
    //schematic load worldedit.clipboard.load, worldedit.schematic.load //schematic load
    //schematic l f Load a schematic into your clipboard
    //schematic list worldedit.schematic.list //schematic list
    //schematic all
    //schematic ls dn List available schematics
    //schematic save worldedit.clipboard.save, worldedit.schematic.save //schematic save
    //schematic s Save a schematic into your clipboard
    //schematic formats worldedit.schematic.formats //schematic formats
    //schematic listformats
    //schematic f List available schematic formats
    //load worldedit.clipboard.load //load Load a schematic into your clipboard
    //save worldedit.clipboard.save //save Save a schematic into your clipboard
    //copy worldedit.clipboard.copy //copy e Copy the selection to the clipboard
    //rotate worldedit.clipboard.rotate //rotate Rotate the contents of the clipboard
    //flip worldedit.clipboard.flip //flip p Flip the contents of the clipboard.
    //cut worldedit.clipboard.cut //cut e Cut the selection to the clipboard
    //paste worldedit.clipboard.paste //paste ao Paste the clipboard's contents
    /we /we
    /worldedit WorldEdit commands
    /we cui /we cui Complete CUI handshake
    /we tz /we tz Set your timezone
    /we help worldedit.help /we help Displays help for the given command or lists all commands.
    /we version /we version
    /we ver Get WorldEdit version
    /we reload worldedit.reload /we reload Reload WorldEdit
    //fast worldedit.fast //fast Toggle fast mode
    //toggleplace //toggleplace
    /toggleplace Switch between your position and pos1 for placement
    //searchitem //searchitem
    /search bi Search for an item
    //limit worldedit.limit //limit Modify block change limit
    //gmask worldedit.global-mask //gmask
    /gmask Set the global mask
    //hcyl worldedit.generation.cylinder //hcyl Generates a hollow cylinder.
    //cyl worldedit.generation.cylinder //cyl Generates a cylinder.
    //hsphere worldedit.generation.sphere //hsphere Generates a hollow sphere.
    //sphere worldedit.generation.sphere //sphere Generates a filled sphere.
    /forestgen worldedit.generation.forest /forestgen Generate a forest
    /pumpkins worldedit.generation.pumpkins /pumpkins Generate pumpkin patches
    //pyramid worldedit.generation.pyramid //pyramid Generate a filled pyramid
    //hpyramid worldedit.generation.pyramid //hpyramid Generate a hollow pyramid
    //generate worldedit.generation.shape //generate
    //g hroc Generates a shape according to a formula.
    //clearhistory worldedit.history.clear //clearhistory
    /clearhistory Clear your history
    //redo worldedit.history.redo //redo
    /redo Redoes the last action (from history)
    //undo worldedit.history.undo //undo
    /undo Undoes the last action
    /thru worldedit.navigation.thru.command /thru Passthrough walls
    /unstuck worldedit.navigation.unstuck /unstuck
    /! Escape from being stuck inside a block
    /ascend worldedit.navigation.ascend /ascend
    /asc Go up a floor
    /descend worldedit.navigation.descend /descend
    /desc Go down a floor
    /jumpto worldedit.navigation.jumpto.command /jumpto
    /j Teleport to a location
    /ceil worldedit.navigation.ceiling /ceil Go to the celing
    /up worldedit.navigation.up /up Go upwards some distance
    //overlay worldedit.region.overlay //overlay Set a block on top of blocks in the region
    //naturalize worldedit.region.naturalize //naturalize 3 layers of dirt on top then rock below
    //walls worldedit.region.walls //walls Build the four sides of the selection
    //faces worldedit.region.faces //faces
    //outline Build the walls, ceiling, and floor of a selection
    //smooth worldedit.region.smooth //smooth n Smooth the elevation in the selection
    //deform worldedit.region.deform //deform ro Deforms a selected region with an expression
    //regen worldedit.regen //regen Regenerates the contents of the selection
    //hollow worldedit.region.hollow //hollow Hollows out the object contained in this selection
    //replace worldedit.region.replace //replace
    //rep f Replace all blocks in the selection with another
    //stack worldedit.region.stack //stack sa Repeat the contents of the selection
    //set worldedit.region.set //set Set all the blocks inside the selection to a block
    //move worldedit.region.move //move s Move the contents of the selection
    //center worldedit.region.center //center
    //middle Set the center block(s)
    /.s worldedit.scripting.execute /.s Execute last CraftScript
    /cs worldedit.scripting.execute /cs Execute a CraftScript
    //pos1 worldedit.selection.pos //pos1 Set position 1
    //pos2 worldedit.selection.pos //pos2 Set position 2
    //wand worldedit.wand //wand Get the wand object
    //hpos1 worldedit.selection.hpos //hpos1 Set position 1 to targeted block
    //hpos2 worldedit.selection.hpos //hpos2 Set position 2 to targeted block
    //chunk worldedit.selection.chunk //chunk s Set the selection to your current chunk.
    /toggleeditwand worldedit.wand.toggle /toggleeditwand Toggle functionality of the edit wand
    //contract worldedit.selection.contract //contract Contract the selection area
    //outset worldedit.selection.outset //outset hv Outset the selection area
    //distr worldedit.analysis.distr //distr c Get the distribution of blocks in the selection
    //desel //desel
    //deselect Deselect the current selection
    //count worldedit.analysis.count //count Counts the number of a certain type of block
    //size worldedit.selection.size //size c Get information about the selection
    //expand worldedit.selection.expand //expand Expand the selection area
    //shift worldedit.selection.shift //shift Shift the selection area
    //sel //sel
    /; Choose a region selector
    //inset worldedit.selection.inset //inset hv Inset the selection area
    /snapshot /snapshot
    /snap Snapshot commands
    /snapshot use worldedit.snapshots.restore /snapshot use Choose a snapshot to use
    /snapshot sel worldedit.snapshots.restore /snapshot sel Choose the snapshot based on the list id
    /snapshot list worldedit.snapshots.list /snapshot list List snapshots
    /snapshot after worldedit.snapshots.restore /snapshot after Choose the nearest snapshot after a date
    /snapshot before worldedit.snapshots.restore /snapshot before Choose the nearest snapshot before a date
    /restore worldedit.snapshots.restore /restore
    //restore Restore the selection from a snapshot
    /superpickaxe /superpickaxe
    /sp Select super pickaxe mode
    /superpickaxe area worldedit.superpickaxe.area /superpickaxe area Enable the area super pickaxe pickaxe mode
    /superpickaxe recur worldedit.superpickaxe.recursive /superpickaxe recur
    /superpickaxe recursive Enable the recursive super pickaxe pickaxe mode
    /superpickaxe single worldedit.superpickaxe /superpickaxe single Enable the single block super pickaxe mode
    /mat worldedit.brush.options.material /mat
    /fill Set the brush material
    /tool /tool Select a tool to bind
    /tool repl worldedit.tool.replacer /tool repl Block replacer tool
    /tool cycler worldedit.tool.data-cycler /tool cycler Block data cycler tool
    /tool floodfill worldedit.tool.flood-fill /tool floodfill
    /tool flood Flood fill tool
    /tool brush /tool brush
    /tool br Brush tool
    /tool brush sphere worldedit.brush.sphere /tool brush sphere
    /tool brush s h Choose the sphere brush
    /tool brush smooth worldedit.brush.smooth /tool brush smooth n Choose the terrain softener brush
    /tool brush gravity worldedit.brush.gravity /tool brush gravity
    /tool brush grav h Gravity brush
    /tool brush cylinder worldedit.brush.cylinder /tool brush cylinder
    /tool brush cyl
    /tool brush c h Choose the cylinder brush
    /tool brush clipboard worldedit.brush.clipboard /tool brush clipboard
    /tool brush copy a Choose the clipboard brush
    /tool brush ex worldedit.brush.ex /tool brush ex
    /tool brush extinguish Shortcut fire extinguisher brush
    /tool lrbuild worldedit.tool.lrbuild /tool lrbuild
    /tool /lrbuild Long-range building tool
    /tool deltree worldedit.tool.deltree /tool deltree Floating tree remover tool
    /tool farwand worldedit.tool.farwand /tool farwand Wand at a distance tool
    /tool info worldedit.tool.info /tool info Block information tool
    /tool tree worldedit.tool.tree /tool tree Tree generator tool
    /tool none /tool none Unbind a bound tool from your current item
    // worldedit.superpickaxe //
    /, Toggle the super pickaxe pickaxe function
    /size worldedit.brush.options.size /size Set the brush size
    /mask worldedit.brush.options.mask /mask Set the brush mask
    /range worldedit.brush.options.range /range Set the brush range
    /repl worldedit.tool.replacer /repl Block replacer tool
    /cycler worldedit.tool.data-cycler /cycler Block data cycler tool
    /floodfill worldedit.tool.flood-fill /floodfill
    /flood Flood fill tool
    /brush /brush
    /br Brush tool
    /brush sphere worldedit.brush.sphere /brush sphere
    /brush s h Choose the sphere brush
    /brush smooth worldedit.brush.smooth /brush smooth n Choose the terrain softener brush
    /brush gravity worldedit.brush.gravity /brush gravity
    /brush grav h Gravity brush
    /brush cylinder worldedit.brush.cylinder /brush cylinder
    /brush cyl
    /brush c h Choose the cylinder brush
    /brush clipboard worldedit.brush.clipboard /brush clipboard
    /brush copy a Choose the clipboard brush
    /brush ex worldedit.brush.ex /brush ex
    /brush extinguish Shortcut fire extinguisher brush
    /lrbuild worldedit.tool.lrbuild /lrbuild
    //lrbuild Long-range building tool
    /deltree worldedit.tool.deltree /deltree Floating tree remover tool
    /farwand worldedit.tool.farwand /farwand Wand at a distance tool
    /info worldedit.tool.info /info Block information tool
    /tree worldedit.tool.tree /tree Tree generator tool
    /none /none Unbind a bound tool from your current item
    //snow worldedit.snow //snow
    /snow Simulates snow
    //thaw worldedit.thaw //thaw
    /thaw Thaws the area
    //fillr worldedit.fill.recursive //fillr Fill a hole recursively
    //fixlava worldedit.fixlava //fixlava
    /fixlava Fix lava to be stationary
    //fixwater worldedit.fixwater //fixwater
    /fixwater Fix water to be stationary
    //removeabove worldedit.removeabove //removeabove
    /removeabove Remove blocks above your head.
    //removebelow worldedit.removebelow //removebelow
    /removebelow Remove blocks below you.
    //removenear worldedit.removenear //removenear
    /removenear Remove blocks near you.
    //replacenear worldedit.replacenear //replacenear
    /replacenear f Replace nearby blocks
    //ex worldedit.extinguish //ex
    /extinguish Extinguish nearby fire
    /butcher worldedit.butcher /butcher plangbf Kill all or nearby mobs
    /remove worldedit.remove /remove
    /rement Remove all entities of a type
    //fill worldedit.fill //fill Fill a hole
    //help worldedit.help //help Displays help for the given command or lists all commands.
    //green worldedit.green //green
    /green Greens the area
    //drain worldedit.drain //drain Drain a pool
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